Red Flesh Dragon Fruit

The red flesh dragon fruit, also known as Queen dragon fruit (Scientific name: Hylocereus), belongs to the H14 line originating from Colombia. 

The red flesh dragon fruit has completely different characteristics compared with common white flesh dragon fruit in the market today. The peel of the red flesh dragon fruit is hard, bright deep red. The flesh of dragon fruit is vermilion with nutrient composition double the white flesh dragon fruit. Regarding Vitamin C12 - 6, Protid 1.30 - 1.08, Vitamin A, Glucide, Lipid, the red flesh dragon fruit provides very high nutritional value.




The red flesh dragon fruit plant adapts well to areas where there is much light. Growing under high intensity light, the sugar content in fruit will increase. The appropriate temperature for growing dragon fruit plants is from 15 to 350C. If it is lower, the plants will grow slowly or even they cannot grow up. Accordingly, to cultivate this type of plant, the farmers should make use of the south and southeast, where the land is flat and the light is plentiful. As a type of anti-drought plant, dragon fruit plant is suitable for all types of soil on rocky mountains or under fences in rural areas and coastal areas, where soil consists of 20% clay, 40% sand, 40% silt. This soil helps the plant absorb nutrients, and the plant will grow well with monthly rainfall from 50 to 100 mm.


Vuon thanh long ruot do

                             Red Flesh Dragon Fruit Gardent



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