Dragon fruit after harvest with beautiful colors, the biochemical targets to achieve optimal value is selected, sorted and cleaned to remove dust and microorganisms on the surface of the shell, the left nipple.
Left is treated with water and allowed to dry naturally or use a clean towel to dry before you put a plastic bag.


The fruits are placed in partition carton boxes so that they can be kept fixed and receive no damage. We assure you of the right size, quantity and weight of fruits. 
Then the fruits are fixed by the belts to ensure that they remain cold while being transported.

After packing, dragon fruits are sent into stores for cooling at 2.2oC to 4.4oC (36oF to 40 oF).

Temperature monitoring process of cold storage is done entirely on automated systems. This makes sure that the fruits are always kept fresh until they are delivered to the customers.



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Son Thuy


Our company has spent many years purchasing, pre-processing, packaging, preserving dragon fruits for export. Our main markets are Southeast Asian countries (especially China, Hong Kong, Thailand ...). That result comes from our extensive purchasing network in Binh Thuan province....

Delicacies from dragon fruit

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