Cost savings of 70 million / year, water-saving irrigation, productivity increased by 10%, to ensure safety during use ... It is effectively brought after 3 years from the garden of his dragon Vo Ngoc Diep (Diep Friday), head of cooperation (THT)...
This pre-processing Equipment has opened a competition for dragon fruit in the export: dragon fruit has reached levels of food safety and hygiene, has been prolonged storage period from 28-30 to 40 -45 days.
TT - If nothing changes, today 13-11 first dragon fruit to Vietnam to Japan after four years of preparation. This is a great opportunity to see fresh fruit conquer Vietnam fastidious Japanese market
To ensure adequate standards of dragon fruit imports into the Japanese market can meet the requirements from partners Japan, Vietnam enterprises should note the following detailed regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Japanese...
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Son Thuy


Our company has spent many years purchasing, pre-processing, packaging, preserving dragon fruits for export. Our main markets are Southeast Asian countries (especially China, Hong Kong, Thailand ...). That result comes from our extensive purchasing network in Binh Thuan province....

Delicacies from dragon fruit

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