White flesh dragon fruit
Dragon fruit plant is grown primarily for fruit and also the name of a few species of the cactus family. It is the native plant in Mexico and the countries in South and Central America. Currently, this type of plant is also grown in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia (especially in western Java...
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Red flesh dragon fruit
The red flesh dragon fruit, also known as Queen dragon fruit (Scientific name: Hylocereus), belongs to the H14 line originating from Colombia. The red flesh dragon fruit has completely different characteristics compared with common white flesh dragon fruit in the market today. The peel of the red flesh dragon fruit is hard, bright deep red....
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Son Thuy


Our company has spent many years purchasing, pre-processing, packaging, preserving dragon fruits for export. Our main markets are Southeast Asian countries (especially China, Hong Kong, Thailand ...). That result comes from our extensive purchasing network in Binh Thuan province....

Delicacies from dragon fruit

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